How Far In Advanced Should I book?

I recommend booking as far in advance as possible due to the high demand, but I take reservations as late as the day before if I am available.

How long will my session last

My portrait sessions last one hour, newborn sessions will be at least 2 hours.

Where Will You Shoot

I will come to wherever you choose between Gulf Shores and Panama City Beach.  I know some great places, so just ask.

How many people can be included in the photos

My sessions are priced per family up to 5 people.  Additional people may be included for $10 each or for larger groups, you may want to book two back to back sessions.

Can I request specific photos to be taken (i.e. grandchildren/grandparents, solo of kids, etc)

Absolutely!  The whole hour is yours to use as you please.  My sessions always include group shots and individuals.

Can our pets be a part of our photos?

Sure, but it is a good idea to call the location and make sure they are allowed.

What do we need to bring

I recommend you bring a towel, brush, snacks for little ones and wet wipes. Our beaches can be very windy so you may want to bring an elastic band to put your hair back in.  Lots of hairspray is recommended.  If you wear glasses and don’t have non-reflective lenses, it is a great idea to get lensless frames from your eye doctor if possible.  No worries if you are unable to, we will do our best to keep from reflecting off of them, but please keep in mind that it is not always possible.

Please do not apply lotion to your legs or arms if you having a beach session, as the sand will stick to the lotion and is almost impossible to get off.

*** Please make sure little ones get their naps in before a session.  I know it is difficult while on vacation, but you will thank me later.  🙂

I know what kind of look I want but I’m not sure what locations to achieve it, can you suggest options

It would be my pleasure please email, text or call me anytime!

What should we do to prepare for the session

Be prepared to have fun!!!  I want this to be a time for memories with your loved ones!  Make sure everyone is fed and well rested, especially the men and children 😉  Remove your sunglasses way before the session so your eyes have a chance to adjust to the bright sunlight.  Please make sure to be on time as the sun waits for no one.  Traffic is really bad in our area during the spring and summer, so please make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the location.

What comes with the packages

My price includes one hour of photography, professional editing ( color correction, blemish removal, stray hair removal and any touch ups I deem necessary. More detailed editing may be done for an additional fee), and an online gallery with password protection for proofing and purchasing that will be available for one month.

*Sunburnt skin is NOT part of editing, but may be done for an additional fee

If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at? No I do not, but we will do our best to reschedule your session for you.

Will these images be posted online or on any social networks

Yes, unless we are notified otherwise.

Will we have the option to use props

Sure!  Please bring anything you would like to use. I also will bring a few props of my own if there are small children.

How do we go about securing our session

I require the sitting fee upfront and will send you a paypal invoice or you may pay with a credit card over the phone.

The products listed on your site are different from others I’ve seen, is there any way to get different products

I offer a wide variety of products, some that are not listed.  Please just ask.

What time of day is best for a portrait session

I try to schedule all my sessions one hour before sunset, the golden hour or 15 minutes before sunrise (very, very early morning around 5:45 am)

What happens if you’re sick or are unable to shoot the session on the scheduled day

I will reschedule with you or if we are unable to reschedule, refund your money.

How will we know how to pose

Good thing is, it’s my job to pose you!  No worries!

How many outfit changes can we have

As many as you like during your hour but most beaches have a long walk back to the restrooms.  You may want to bring a large towel and change behind it.

I really don’t like “X” about me, can we shoot around it

Please let me know of anything you are self-conscious about and I will do my best to make you look fabulous!

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