Provide a fun and exciting experience for my clients producing beautiful, classic images to last a lifetime.

Hi I’m Angie.  I am a Florida native and was born in Fort Walton Beach.  I have lived here most of my life except for a few years in Jacksonville, Lancaster, PA, and Colorado Springs, CO.  I missed our gorgeous ocean and had to come back!  I have an awesome husband, Scott, ( he looks like Will Farrell and Matt Damon, lol)  whom I’ve been married to for 20 years in 2017 and two precious children, Hunter 16 (Lord help me ) and Maddi 13 (going on 30).  I am silly and goofy and will try anything once (okay maybe not bungee jumping, but most anything)!


In 2014 my husband and I renewed our vows with our two kids in Curacao!  It was wonderful and I can now say I know what it is like to plan a destination wedding!


My photography style is very classic and clean.  I have an obsession with dramatic but real skies!  I strive to catch your personality in your images.  I don’t want them to be the same boring pose you see everyone doing.  I want your images to be unique to you in some way.  I like very vibrant and sharp colors.  You won’t see me using any grungy or crazy editing.  I want your images to last a lifetime and not just for the life of a fad look.  My sessions are an experience, not just a photo shoot.  I want your time with me to be a favorite memory for you and your family because I know your vacation time is precious.


Loves: Jesus. My Goofy Husband and kids. Friends, Shopping.  Shoes. purses. A Babies Laughter. a child’s soft skin. Birthday cake. Cruising. Real Housewives, Walking Dead, and American Horror Story.   Anything with Vampires or ghosts (I was born too close to Halloween not to), Halloween and Christmas.  The smell of Suntan lotion. Honesty.  Foot rubs.  Long hot baths with a good book.  Hugs and kisses. Japanese food (I mean food in general). Tea Houses. Traveling (I dream of going overseas to Paris or Italy).  Scary Movies. Acting silly.


Dislikes: Dirt. Bugs. Liver (yuck, who likes that stuff anyway). Mean people. Sand in my flip flops.  My dogs when they smell.  Arguing kids.  Grumpy Husband. Getting up early.  The cold weather after Christmas.  How fast Christmas comes after you put up the tree.  The hot weather in August (I’m a fickle kind of girl). Dentists (not the people but what they do to you!).  Cancer (my Mom passed away from breast cancer in July 2011).


I am a licensed and insured photographer.  My equipment consists of my Canon 5D Mark IV and III, 5D Mark II,  and professional grade lenses and lighting.

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